Mr Cameron, Forget the Fudge, Forget the Farce, and Just for Once… Deliver!

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. These are the immortal words spoken by former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and I make no apology for using them given how pertinent they are today.

For far too long this country has suffered from a democratic, and an honesty deficit perpetuated by both European Union (EU) and British politicians. They have produce countless pledges, commitments, and “cast iron guarantees” to us all throughout the years to deliver an EU membership referendum. We have seen this with the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and even with David Cameron all failing to honour their promises to the British public.

Vested commercial and business interests have been allowed to portray a “Brexit” as an armageddon scenario, with disreputable misrepresentation of information such as potential job losses, our world trade position and this country’s contribution to global decision-making.

The bureaucratic, faceless and unelected decision makers in the EU have compounded this dishonesty and misrepresentation.

Not one person in the UK knew that in May 2014 they were voting for socialist control of the EU parliament, for Mr. Schulz as Leader in that Chamber, for Mr. Junker as President or for the EU future that creeps out over the 5-year parliamentary term.

Only one party (UKIP) and one political leader (Nigel Farage) has had the courage, conviction and commitment to expose this situation.

There is absolutely no doubt, even acknowledged by our political opponents, that this referendum would not be happening but for UKIP, Nigel Farage and the UKIP People’s Army.

What we are asking for, in fact demanding is a full, free and fair referendum with a public properly informed in advance about the facts.

So much progress has been made in matter of weeks:

  • Rewording of the referendum question;
  • Review of the purdah period to remove the potential bias of an ill-defined campaign period can bring;
  • Other concessions could be achieved, too.

And there is still more to be done. Campaign funds, media bias and international interference (Barack Obama, ahem) still need to be addressed.

The UK is a sovereign nation, not a USA or Japanese car manufacturing outpost. This country can and will stand tall without the EU systems doing all that is possible to obtain a ‘Yes to stay in’ outcome.

Remember that the EU senior bureaucrats want the UK to be reduced to a minor state in a Brussels-led European government. This referendum will not only be a defining moment for the UK in its relationship with the EU but also in its relationship with the rest of the world.

Any pretence of re-negotiated membership is just farce.

So my message to David Cameron: ‘Forget the fudge, forget the farce, and just for once… deliver! Now name the date!

Find me anyone in this country who wants to join a club going down the competitive league, willing to play for a losing team, who wants to buy goods and services of ever diminishing quality, who would invest or save with organisations unable to withstand financial scrutiny. Because that is a more accurate analogy of continued EU membership.

Ever more ‘harmonisation’ for the European states. Ever more member state enlargement. Ever more economic convergence and quite possibly eventual, mandatory Eurozone membership.

To all of those aspects I say “No!”. To continued EU membership I say “No!”

And to Brexit, and restoration of UK sovereignty and the UK’s position in the world I say yes. And we need you to join us.

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