2016: we are living in “interesting times”

It is a new year and I hope all had some restful time. I wish you the very best for 2016. I could not believe that even on Christmas Day I was getting phone calls and texts demanding instant response on MEP matters!

However, I am now seriously back to work and just off to Brussels for the start of the new 2016 Parliament Session. 2016 will be an interesting year, maybe in the Chinese sense of living in “interesting times”.

The biggest issue for Europe will undoubtedly be how to cope with the wave of migrants and the problems that have followed all this. Sadly, the EU showed a complete impotence to react to a major challenge such as this. It has been left to individual Member States to tackle the issues, many by building barrier fences and others trying to cope with the influx and the resources required to deal with such migrants.

It is an issue that the EU has not started to comprehend. To integrate several million migrants properly into a society, as opposed to constrain them to the streets and black economy, requires major investment and programmes.

As such, it is interesting that many EU member states have unilaterally breached EU Treaties on free movement, of necessity, taking matters back into national control. A principle may have been established. There appears not to be any endorsement nor criticism, from the EU administration, of the Member State breaches of Treaty.

Is the EU again the “Rabbit caught in the headlights”?

Does it mean that all EU Treaties can be breached as a matter of necessity? Do we therefore need a fandango of “re-negotiation” about the UK position in regard to the EU? Surely, the principle of breach of EU Treaties, because of deemed necessity, has now been established.

This is something that I will be watching closely in the coming year. I hope that yours is prosperous one!

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