Currently all 28 EU Member States are eligible to participate in the ERASMUS+ programme as “Programme Countries”. There are a further 5 non-EU Programme Countries:

  1. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  2. Iceland
  3. Norway
  4. Lichtenstein
  5. Turkey

But, there are also 23 countries, which neighbour the EU, but are not EU Member States, which participate in the ERASMUS+ programme as “Partner Countries”. For example: Switzerland, Egypt, Russia and Israel. And let’s face it, some of these countries will never be EU Member States!

All other countries in the world are able to participate in the ERASMUS+ programme, but there are certain terms and conditions that apply.

Being the largest native English-speaking nation in the region and, according to the latest EU Commission data from 2014, the 4th most visited destination for ERASMUS students, I am confident that the UK will continue to participate fully in this programme.

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