European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

David Davis the UK’s Brexit Minister is looking at plans to continue the use of the EHIC card.

Now supposedly, and many people believe so, this card entitles UK citizens to free healthcare in European Member States.

If only that were the case!

EU citizens of course can use the NHS by way of EU right, but in too many cases this has led to widespread healthcare treatment tourism adding to the pressures on our NHS particularly financially.

By way of personal experience and matched by many who have posted comments on my Facebook coverage of this subject, I can tell you that the EHIC card acts as nothing more than an ID card.

I can cite many instances where payment is required upfront before a French or Spanish GP will see you, provide a prescription and equally before a European hospital will admit you for treatment.

Hence, the necessity for UK citizens to have travel insurance not only as back-up, but to ensure that supposed free, but in fact costed services, can be reclaimed.

In contrast, the NHS offers an open door and free for all approach, and it is you UK taxpayer that picks up that bill and everything with it.

This situation is neither fair nor reasonable!

If the EU wants its precious EHIC card then it should go back to the drawing board and ensure that the remaining 27 Member States match the UK with free access to treatment and if the EU cannot make that happen, well the UK has every right to introduce upfront payment and entry based health insurance cover to EU citizens.

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