Migrant Crisis

Migrant Crisis

The EU is facing a problem of immense magnitude and completely of its own making: ‘the migrant crisis’. One need only go back 2 years and Mrs Merkel’s siren call to would be migrants and the people traffickers. But just like letting the genie out of the bottle, the consequences have proved unstoppable and risk the safety and security of EU Member States’ citizens as well as the migrants themselves.

Only the people traffickers are profiting from this debate.

In my view we should be supporting what Italy has called for, and if you agree then lend me your support and spread the message:

  • Stop completely the migrant filled boats leaving the North of African shores
  • Return those migrants back to Northern African ports especially when the shortest distance to land safety is exactly that
  • Change the EU policy regarding boat patrols in the Mediterranean
  • Force NGOs to comply with changed EU policy.

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