The fight against cybercrime

The European Commission’s beefed up Cybersecurity Agency designed to organise pan-European cybersecurity exercises annually and ensure better sharing of threat intelligence and knowledge, a further step by the EU to take control of the internet.

A document from the European Union recently revealed it is calling for massive internet censorship and filtering. The proposals, once adopted, mean that European countries will follow in China’s footsteps regarding online censorship. Freedom of speech will deteriorate and pro-EU propaganda will proliferate.

Furthermore, recent EU proposals to demand biometric verification methods for internet transactions will further allow Brussels to keep tabs on its citizens, as mass data will be stored by the EU.

The enhanced cybersecurity agency is just another piece in this jigsaw, ostensibly to keep us safe from criminals, but the reality will be further controls of the internet by the European Union.

The prosecution of crime, be it in the physical or digital world, is a matter solely for independent sovereign nations with democratic oversight, not unelected bureaucrats in Brussels pursuing their own integrationist agenda.

For the above reasons, I voted against this Resolution.

The fight against cybercrime (A8-0272/2017 – Elissavet Vozemberg-Vrionidi).

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