An Update On EU Citizens’ Rights Post Brexit

An update on EU citizens’ rights post Brexit

I have been inundated with messages from UK citizens living abroad in other EU Member States and they all have the same question: what will happen to them after Brexit.

In short, whilst the UK has made a very generous offer to the EU regarding EU citizens in the UK, we are yet to receive a reciprocal agreement regarding UK citizens in the EU.

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  1. I think its the UK government who is being unreasonable.
    The EU offered the British government a deal after Article 50 to protect all rights but the UK declined.
    Whats worse the UK Government has done NOTHING for us and even worse denied us a vote on Brexit.
    Extremley angry and please place the blame at the door of Mrs May.
    There are MEPS like Guy Verhodstadt who have promised to block a deal over FOM for UK Citizens in the Eu…..

    Ex pats over 15 years have no say and soon no democracy too

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