Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2017 was my first year as an independent MEP in the European Parliament, but you can rest assured that I have continued my efforts as a Eurosceptic and ‘Clean Brexit’ campaigner on your behalf.

My voting record in the plenary sessions remains one of the highest of the UK MEPs. My attendance and voting at the Constitution Committee (AFCO) is also one of the highest. I have continued to be vocal in the chamber, ensuring that the Brexit message is heard loud and clear.

I have been pleased to welcome a number of young people to the monthly Strasbourg voting weeks for my ‘Work Experience Programme’. Their reports posted on my website make excellent reading as to their experiences and observations.

My staff have been superb in their support – be it Giovanna, my Brussels based assistant, Iain my UK based researcher and Ethan my social media whizz. Without their help, support and focus, much of what I do would not be possible.

If I look back on 2017, it is with immense frustration and disappointment as to the progress made on Brexit by the UK. Like many of you I wanted faster and fairer progress.

Looking forward to 2018 there will be no let-up in my efforts to constantly remind the UK why Brexit was and is the best decision the United Kingdom has ever made.

But, all of this would not have happened without you and I offer you my utmost appreciation for all you do to continue the Leave campaign and ensure no reversal of what was a democratic decision made by UK voters.

Finally I wish you all the happiest of Christmases, a fun New Year and look forward to welcoming you with further Tweets, Facebook live streams and website updates in 2018.


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