Emmanuel Macron In The European Parliament

Emmanuel Macron in the European Parliament

In his speech this morning Emmanuel Macron stated that he wanted democracy and sovereignty at an EU level, which seems impossible if not contradictory.

If you remember a year ago,  Emmanuelle Macron’s promise  during his  campaign was that the priority would be given to Europe. Well he kept his promise.

On the day of his election , it was not the Marseillaise but The European Union’s anthem, Ode to Joy by Beethoven which was played.

His victory last year gave hope to a tired  and wounded Europe. Like many euro federalists, Macron believes that more European integration and more Europe are the only solution.

In reality Emmanuel Macron is afraid of the French people’s  opinion. He had himself admitted that the French would certainly have voted as their British neighbours if given the opportunity.

French friends, you are warned, under Macron, you will not have a say!

Even Giscard D’Estaing, one of the architects of the EU is more realistic and announced last week that the European Union had stagnated while the rest of the world had advanced!

Is the  European dream of the French president turning  into a nightmare? The Eurosceptics have since his  election in May 2017 gained ground in Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary.

The recent return of Angela Merkel on the European scene after months of political difficulties in Germany  reminds us all that there is only one boss in the EU and that’s her!  Macron, like his predecessors Hollande and Sarkozy will have to return to be No 2.

As for relations between France and the United Kingdom, Macron wants to make the UK pay the consequences of Brexit and a leaked report by the French government confirmed that he wanted the City of London to suffer the consequences of democracy.

During his visit to London in January he warned us: If the United Kingdom wishes to access the single market, this will be at the cost of certain pre-conditions such as the free movement of peoples, Budget contributions and the Jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

With the United Kingdom running a trade deficit  of 13 billion euros with France,  Mrs. May should have reminded her French counterpart  that the United Kingdom is France’s best customer  and that this is not a way to do business!

We have a future with France after Brexit, like  we have a future with the rest of Europe but a future based on mutual respect and not on a series of threats that would have harmful consequences for the people and businesses of France, Germany or Italy.




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