Bullying Barnier And The Unelected Elite

Bullying Barnier and the unelected elite

Ever since the United Kingdom joined the EEC in 1973, we have been pushed around by an arrogant unelected elite based in Brussels. Year after year they have taken control away from the British people. To all intents and purposes we have become a colony of the EU.

In 2016 in what was a remarkable act of democracy and also defiance, UK voters decided that enough was enough. We had tired of the EU bullying and control freakery, and we chose to be, once again, an independent sovereign nation and free ourselves of the clutches of the EU.

Brussels did not like this one bit. So they sent in their attack dog, Michel Barnier.
Bullying Barnier is a true admirer of General Charles De Gaulle, a man, who despite all the help from the UK during the Dark Days, never once thanked British efforts to free his country. Bullying Barnier, a man who has never held a proper job, has stuck to the principles of De Gaulle and tried to punish the UK for having the audacity to abandon the faulty and failing EU project.

Despite all of the compromises offered by the UK, Bullying Barnier has tried to exclude us from the European security network totally ignoring the fact that the British security forces have made the most significant efforts to ensure European safety. Bullying Barnier has seen fit to stir up tensions in Northern Ireland and is clearly hell bent upon forcing Irish reunification. He has demanded that our financial sector answer to Brussels’ rules. And he insists that our courts are subservient to the European Courts.

Bullying Barnier wants to keep the UK handcuffed to the rule of the EU. And he is stooping as low as possible.
The British are a people of fair play. Bullying Barnier and the EU elite are not.
The UK voted Leave and that it is what we shall do. No longer will the UK grovel on their knees to the rule of an unelected EU elite and Michel Barnier should wake up to that fact.

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