EU Civil Servant Asks Elected Representative To Withdraw Twitter Comment… Shocking!

EU Civil Servant asks Elected Representative to Withdraw Twitter Comment… Shocking!

First day in the European Parliament in Strasbourg after the Summer Break

The session opened last night with a contentious statement from an MEP colleague.

He explained that he had been subjected to pressure from an EU Bureau civil servant to withdraw a Twitter comment.

Rightly so he criticised this pressure which brought into question supposedly EU Freedom of Expression and that specifically of MEPs regarding EU matters.

This was a perfectly timed example of the EU fortress building against eurosceptism in the lead up to the next EU elections in 2019.

It also highlights perfectly the control freakery that now exists at the highest levels within the EU bureaucratic administration framework. I have commented on this before and likened it to communist politburo control.

Whatever your views on the EU, you need to be shocked that this stifling of free speech is now under this degree of threat.

Today Greek PM Tsipras addressed the parliament. Barely 60% of the MEPs were in attendance but they missed very little.We heard a biased and thoroughly rose tinted appraisal from him as to how all is now ‘rosy in the EU garden thanks to EU membership’.


If I sound sarcastic then rightly so. EU economic diktats have seen thousands of young people leave Greece and also thousands of pensioners with drastically reduced incomes. The EU commissioner cited that 100,000 new jobs had been created since the PM introduced the EU demanded austerity measures. At this rate it will take decades before the Greeks can see any improvement in their awful youth unemployment figures.

What future does that hold then for young Greeks? Nothing as far as any sensible person can see.

Greece has featured significantly thus far on the week’s agenda. There will be a debate on the Greek forest fires with the Greens amongst other MEPs laying the blame fully at climate change.

I am not a Climate change denier but when I see what should be a rational debate reduced to glorifying Climate Change policy I really do despair.

For the debate to be meaningful it needs to include and address:

– breaches of planning law and lack of enforcement that would have prevented buildings being built without access to fire escapes

– EU induced austerity demands that saw public services like the fire service come under severe pressure to reduce resources to conform to budget constraints

– Proper infrastructure funding to see fire hydrants etc in place where urban sprawl is happening

These however will be dusted under the carpet as facts that the EU would wish to ignore. Climate Change grandstanding is the only topic the EU will countenance.

Finally today will Hungary subjected to an EU tongue lashing!

Hungary has had the temerity to take a stand on national government appointments to their legal system, resisted the acceptance of EU migrant settlement quotas and of course voting in a right wing party into power.

The EU cannot stomach any of these affronts to its power and federalist control so hence naughty boy Hungary has to be dealt with!

Should make for some entertaining interactions and highlight why national sovereignty is non-existent.


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