Increasing The Number Of EU Coast Guards Will Not Eradicate People Trafficking Mr Juncker!

Increasing the Number of EU Coast Guards will not eradicate People Trafficking Mr Juncker!

This week saw President Juncker present his State of the EU Union plan for what remains of his presidential term and also forms the platform for his replacement after the 2019 EU elections.

One of his more eye-catching statements concerned the planned 10,000 increase of EU Frontex agency border and coast guards.

Justifying his announcement by as a toughening approach to migration, he paid scant regard to the origins of the problem or indeed to addressing those origins.

As usual the EU response is one of sticking plaster approach! cover it up and hope that it will go away.No amount of increased EU border force resource is going to solve a problem of the EU’s making.

What it does do of course is federalise external border protection thus facilitating one aspect of the United States of Europe toolkit.

The issue it does not address is the EU’s migration policy which so conveniently for the people traffickers, enhances and supplies a human trafficking business now valued at $150 billion globally.

With a net profit margin of 70% it has become the easy way to riches for the unscrupulous

The people trafficking business preys on people affected by war, poverty and oppression. But its main target is those wanting economic betterment not genuine refugees.

Over this summer there is now clear evidence of the new route the people traffickers are using and it is Spain.

Indeed even the EU admits that Morocco – Spain has now officially overtaken Libya-Italy as the route of choice.

With nearly 20,000 migrants as of end July 2018 officially registered as entering Spain via the Morocco Ceuta border, the change in tactic and route choice is now clear.

There is increasing evidence too of a build-up running into hundreds of thousands of migrants awaiting movement to Ceuta before embarking on their sea trip to Spain.

With the imminent offensive on Syria’s rebel held Idlib province, this number could reach explosive proportions very quickly making a complete mockery of Juncker’s plan to have an enhanced border force in place by 2020.

For me the Brexit epitath will always be ‘The EU – too lunatic, too late and too little’.

I just hope that PM May has this problem firmly on her horizon and also has some degree of plan, however hazy, in place to deal with these migrants whose determination to reach the ‘paved golden roads of the UK’ has become their objective

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