The Battle For Brexit Is Now Truly Underway

The Battle for Brexit is now truly Underway

The ritual humiliation of the UK and its Brexit negotiations continued last week with the Salzburg meeting.

Well over two years have passed since the UK Government was given a clear mandate to extricate the UK from the European Union, two years wasted since all we have to show for UK efforts is stalemate.

The political ping-pong between London and Brussels have so far achieved absolutely nothing at all.  The EU simply rejects every offer from the UK and sends the UK team back to square one.

Meanwhile, elements in the UK have been pushing for yet another decisive vote on this issue, hoping this time to reverse the decision and keep the UK in the EU.

This has probably been the plan all along, in the event of the Referendum yielding a Leave result, keep on slinging mud and keep on campaigning to remain.

One of Project Fear’s first tactics was to mount a legal challenge.  This delayed matters but forced Parliament to ratify the decision to invoke Article 50. This was an overwhelming victory for Leave with 498 MPs voting to approve its invocation and a paltry 114 voting against.

The next stage of Project Fear’s campaign was to question whether or not Vote Leave had broken UK election spending rules.  Of course, the inference here was that Leave had somehow ‘bought’ the referendum.  Sure, the official figures have Leave outspending Remain by around 1 million pounds, and Vote Leave were handed down a sizeable fine for having broken the rules.

However the fact that both the Liberal Democrats and Europe Movement were also fined failed to attract anywhere near similar media attention.

The Remain campaign misuse of official figures also conveniently ignores the fact that the Conservative Government spent nearly £10 million producing and posting a leaflet trying to persuade voters to Remain.

Add that figure to the total, and you have Remain outspending Leave by 50% or £8 million.

The latest stage has been the continuing drip of pro-Remain propaganda in the Guardian, the Independent, The Financial Times, The Times, and, of course, the Evening Standard edited by arch-Remainer George Osborne.

But this should come as no surprise as the biggest donors to the Remain camp were US investment banks, ex Goldman Sachs senior executives, Virgin, and members of David Cameron’s inner circle and major Conservative donors and billionaires.

These people are well accustomed to exerting pressure and using the media’s vast communications and press departments to pursue their vested interests.

We are also hearing pro-EU noises from trades unions, student bodies, business groups, and charities.  But scratch the surface and you will see that 17 of these groups and companies received a total of €160 million from the European Commission over the last ten years.

All paid up members of ‘ever closer union’ and ending British sovereignty – biased? absolutely!

As if that wasn’t enough, just recently George Soros waded in with a £400,000 donation to a campaign desperate to overturn the democratic Brexit vote.

The choice is stark: support democracy, back Brexit, Battle for Brexit or find yourselves the tool of the multi nationals and assorted billionaires opposing and blocking a democratic decision to leave the European Union.


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