The EU Renewable Energy Policy Is A Total Ecological Disaster

The EU Renewable Energy Policy is a Total Ecological Disaster

From Speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg

12th November 2018

Oxfam Germany last week produced a report that claims that EU bio-fuels are
causing widespread global deforestation, and NGO Fern reported that people’s
lives were being threatened by this set of ‘clean energy’ policies.
Greenpeace have claimed that the EU is even choosing to ignore its own advice
on bio-fuels.
Another expert academic opinion indicated recently the damage to birdlife from
wind farms directly affecting negatively the wildlife food chain.
The EU is, and always has been, a monstrous threat to the environment.
In short the EU’s drive for clean energy justified by its obsession with climate
change targets has been and will continue to be nothing short of an ecological
An epitath I would not want to see the EU have.

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