Fake News Is An Excuse To Control Free Speech

Fake News is an Excuse to Control Free Speech

The European Union has become obsessed by ‘Fake News,’ it wants to track it down and eliminate it.  To do this, it is empowering itself as the de facto censor of the Internet.

The EU will become the arbiter of what is and what is not ‘Fake,’ and will continue to stoke tensions with Russia along the way, which it perceives to be the cyber bogeyman.

It is seeking powers to regulate internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

It is a propaganda war.

The EU would have us believe that this is all in the name of protecting the population, their data, and the integrity of elections.

The reality is that the EU aims to become the world’s largest collector of personal data.  Material which will be held indefinitely by the European Commission. In order to regulate and monitor data over the Internet, the EU will amass the data of businesses and people which will then sit on their servers.  Monitored, naturally, for Fake content for our security.

The EU has also proposed to stamp down on political advertising on Social Media, thus stamping out any voices that don’t agree with the direction of this ‘project,’ and manipulate election results.

The last tool that the EU deploys is that it floods the Internet with output, speeches, papers, press releases and so on.  This are then reported exponentially by EU friendly politicians on their blogs, and in pro-EU newspapers.

Finding a dissenting article on the Internet is rapidly becoming like trying to find a particular needle in a needlestack.

While the EU tries to present itself as a friendly uncle looking after our welfare, we should all be asking ourselves, who is overseeing the overseers?




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