May’s Abject Abdication Of Moral Responsibility

May’s Abject Abdication of Moral Responsibility

Nicola called it “pathetic cowardice”, but anyone who voted FOR Brexit knew it was nothing short of ABJECT ABDICATION of ALL POLITICAL and MORAL responsibility…
What Theresa May did on Monday was as predictable as it was pitiful. She has turned her back on 17.4 million voters who took to the polls in good faith, and Parliament itself.
The backlash will be as profound as it will be powerful – once the EU sees the result of its sneaky chess-moves.
You can have a Second Referendum, you can have a General Election, you can have an endless round of Court cases.
What you CAN’T have is the power to coerce, to blackmail and to abuse the British political public. Theresa May should take note of what is going on in France to see that angering the electorate is a dangerous game.
British – whether we are talking about its English, Irish, Scottish or any other component!
When the British people were invited to vote on UK membership in 2016, the options were clear cut.
Either we would Remain a member of the EU or we would Leave. There was no doubting the clarity of the choice in a winner take all vote.
52% of the voting public, in the single largest display of democracy in British history, chose that we were to Leave. This was confirmed in her 2017 election manifesto.
Much to the distress of the political elite in Britain and across the Continent.
Tired of being pushed around by Brussels we voted for Brexit.
A clean Brexit, not a half in half out wishy-washy type of Brexit. The direction from the voters was crystal clear.
To leave the EU means leaving all of its institutions and unshackling ourselves from its legislative process.
Yet despite this clear direction from 17.4 million voters the Government of ‘Madame’ “May-be Aye, May-be No” has concocted a deal that satisfies absolutely no-one, except a few smug faces, sat around smoke-filled rooms and bars in Brussels.
Her backstop arrangements could tie us into the Customs Union forevermore and is a clear violation of the Good Friday Agreement.
Leaving us, effectively, under the legislative control of the European Courts.
She has sold away our fishing rights and handed vetoes over the Irish Border and Gibraltar to Ireland and Spain. She has maintained that we will stay a member of the Internal Energy Market, which means that our entire industrial and economic policies will be run by the suits in Brussels.
She has not fought for the UK to get its money back from the European Investment Bank, the European Investment Fund, the European Fund for Strategic Investment…
Nor has she sought to retrieve our multibillion-pound share of the EU’s vast property empire.
On the contrary, she has promised the EU up to £60 billion for the privilege of leaving.
This is not what the people voted for. The wording on the ballot paper was absolutely clear, tick the box if you want to Leave the European Union. Clear as a bell.
Now there is open talk of an extension to Article 50, and of the transition period.
In other words, we will remain a fully paid up member for years to come.
Theresa May was never a committed Leaver by any stretch of the imagination.
But now she is stretching her claims to be a supporter of the democratic process. Her can-kicking of the Meaningful Vote has just demonstrated to everyone that she holds Parliament, democracy, and the British people in contempt.
Politicians need to remember that they work for the people, not the other way around.
As directed by the British people, the British government should leave the EU forthwith and stop messing around trying to find secretive ways of keeping us in the EU.
Mrs May believes that there is broad support for her deal, but this is patently not the case, as she has delayed the ‘Meaningful Vote,’ claiming that she will try and win further concessions from the EU on the Backstop arrangement. This comment drew howls of laughter from her Parliamentary colleagues in a further embarrassment to the sub-Prime Minister. But Messrs Juncker and Tusk have told her in plain words that this is an impossibility. Theresa May and the UK again humiliated by the EU.
This, at a time when the European Commission and EU leaders are stating firmly that there are no more concessions to be won.
The fact remains that the elected politicians have a duty to deliver exactly what it was the people voted for, a clear Brexit.
No longer should we go cap in hand to Brussels and beg for scraps.
The case for a ‘no deal’ is now stronger than ever, and I urge everyone to write to their Members of Parliament and instruct them to defend British democracy and get us out of the EU without hesitation.’
Alternatively, if Thursday’s EU ‘Brexit’ summit paves the way for Referendum 2, as I expect, guess what?
BRING IT ON, no Ifs, no Buts and NO MAY-Bes.

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