Welcome to my A-Z on Brexit. I am bringing you the inside scoop on the Brexit negotiations from the European Parliament.

The Customs Union

Staying in the EU’s Customs Union means that we would not be able to make our own trade deals. That’s a fact!

Second EU Referendum

I see no reason, no justification and no rationale for a second EU Referendum and in any case, I can’t see the Leave vote being overturned.

The State of the Union 2017

Do not be fooled: President Juncker’s “ever closer Union” is nothing more than a huge power grab. In this speech we were given exact details on how Brussels is going to control new competences.


At the most recent EU Council meeting EU leaders said that Euroscepticism is “contained!” I don’t know what planet these people are on: the EU’s policies are failing and its the European people that are suffering!

EU Army

Whether Remainers like to add it or not, the EU’s preparations for an Army are well under way. The EU wants to harmonise and consolidate a Common Defence Policy and I don’t see any justification in such a military force.…

Migrant Crisis

The EU is facing a problem of immense magnitude and completely of its own making: ‘the migrant crisis’. One need only go back 2 years and Mrs Merkel’s siren call to would be migrants and the people traffickers. But just…

EU Citizens’ Rights

As expected, the EU has placed EU Citizens’ rights at the heart of its Brexit negotiations. In response the UK Government has set out clearly that it has to be reciprocal for all those Brits living and working in EU…

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

David Davis the UK’s Brexit Minister is looking at plans to continue the use of the EHIC card. Now supposedly, and many people believe so, this card entitles UK citizens to free healthcare in European Member States. If only that…

The City

London currently clears 75% of global derivative Euro transactions, valued at around $900 billion per day. Despite the global financial centres ranking London in 1st place, just ahead of New York, the EU wants either Frankfurt or Paris to clear…


Currently all 28 EU Member States are eligible to participate in the ERASMUS+ programme as “Programme Countries”. There are a further 5 non-EU Programme Countries: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Iceland Norway Lichtenstein Turkey But, there are also 23…