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Wed Dec 12th, 2018

Diane James MEP

I will be answering your questions from Strasbourg today at 1 pm GMT (Facebook Live) tune in! ... See MoreSee Less

I will be answering your questions from Strasbourg today at 1 pm GMT (Facebook Live) tune in!


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Diane, if we crash out with no deal and assuming we continue to trade with the EU then surely we would be better off, we would earn more from WTO tariffs until we have a free trade agreement in place because we have a trade deficit with the EU.

Get her an SOURBY OUT

Pretty pointless that will be. Asjed you at least twenty times how you'd overcome the NI border dilemma without a customs union...nothing in reply.

Be safe.

Please can someone explain to the UK the riots there would be in France if we applied the same duty to wines, as with Australian ones. We should really muscle-up our negociations with the EU

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Tue Dec 11th, 2018

Diane James MEP

My latest piece on May's Abdication of Political and Moral Responsibility www.dianejamesmep.com/2018/12/11/mays-abject-abdication-of-moral-responsibility/ ... See MoreSee Less

My latest piece on Mays Abdication of Political and Moral Responsibility https://www.dianejamesmep.com/2018/12/11/mays-abject-abdication-of-moral-responsibility/


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No deal WTO then Britain gets it's power back

Well said Diane. Do you think she's in 'cahoots' with them?

48 letters in now...YES!

Going to the eu begging again..what a clown...times up..for her get those letters in you lot...

No Deal No more Money to the EU

Couldn't agree more, it's time the political swamp is drained, May and this current Government should be ashamed of themselves to a man and woman, the fact that none of them have resigned says everything about them, shame on them all!

The woman is King Midas in reverse. She has destroyed everything she has touched culminating in herself and her country. She has secured her place in history for certain.

Terrifying that this person who lies so easily and has no shame whatsoever is running this country 😔

She looks a proper nut job,it's frightening to have her in power,the Traitorous Halfwit has definitely lost the plot.HAVE HER SECTIONED UNDER THE MENTAL HEALTH ACT AS SOON AS SHE LANDS.

What a cowardly government we have, and I mean the whole , all parties concerned, instead of respecting the vote they have fought each other for personal reasons, 😡😡

Drain the swamp ..... it’s ridiculous now

Coregraphed to look strong but really is grovelling and weak

W T O is what the country needs.

She's a tough cookie, I'll give her that. we should just OUT and tell the EU to Donald Duck themselves.

Arthur Scargill did the same to the miners! "I won't give you a vote this time lads, you might vote against me again".

Makes you want to weep when there is not one in Parliament on all the parties that are actually are for the people of this country they all seem to be out for what they can get out of it.😡

Completely trustworthy & honest face, as all politicians!

The face of treachery right there.

Sack the lot.its all about greed they don.t care about our Country

Diane, will you kindly stop putting these horrible images on your posts?😂. I am offended - I need counselling and group therapy and 50 grand in compensation every time I see that 'orrible visage!

May never looks anyone in the eye when debating in parliament! Not a good sign lol

Diane, after 2 years you still haven't given us your resolution onthe NI border dilemma. You are not alone. Farage, Boris Moggy none of them have given us a viable alternative. Only some vague idea that technology can take the place of hundreds of customs officers. Forgetting how local trafic can actually do that, trafic. How it would not record the movement of EU citizens.

Get on your hands and knees and beg may

We know what is required but the politicos won't give it. They will not allow a no deal scenario, irrespective of who is PM, why? Because the project fear tap has been dripping now for more than two years and has begun to turn to a torrent. The latest we hear is 'My voters never voted to be poorer' After BoE and Hammond forecast growth will be slower, or less than they think it should be. That is not making people who have been through 10 years of government imposed austerity poorer, it is just slowing, (maybe, or could be, or what if) the economy, it will still grow. More lies perpetrated by people who take the wages of democracy but don't deliver or do any real homework to deserve it. We should have been planning on just leaving from day one and have been lied to, now sold out by an elite who think, wrongly we will just roll over and accept it.

Great read Diane, thankyou for your hard work.

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Mon Dec 10th, 2018

Diane James MEP

May cancels tomorrow's vote on Brexit and the EU says it will not renegotiate. Her deal won't have a majority and her going to Brussels again is a waste of time...can she last? ... See MoreSee Less

May cancels tomorrows vote on Brexit and the EU says it will not renegotiate. Her deal wont have a majority and her going to Brussels again is a waste of time...can she last?


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No deal and a new PM.... Come on Mogg stand up and be counted!

NO DEAL, get us out now and then watch them squirm and suddenly want to deal on our terms when we stop throwing money into their coffers,

The EU is a undemocratic monster run by unelected back room officials who are only interested in their gold plated wages and pensions, they do not give a dam about the people or the Countries they Rule over. Democracy is dead and buried


I'm so angry I can barely speak !!!!

Disgraceful, from the day she was 'made' PM she has been gradually making steps to remain.

Needs to stay on to make sure the paedophile files stay hidden and her husband's company still pays no tax.

She has done her job well. Put on endless delays, allowed the Remoaners to fabricate obstacles, let the propaganda drip feed project fear for the last 2 years. Whoever is pulling her strings will be well satisfied. Parliament doesn’t want Brexit so how are they going to allow a no deal.

JRM challenge her the country is behind you

It seems obvious that she will not resign and 48 members of her party will not submit letters of no confidence. What happens next in the worst shambles in Government that I can remember, she has to go and as soon as possible.

She should pay for her trip to Brussels out of her own pocket because she won't get anywhere. What a waste of taxpayers money - and space!

They (May and those charlatans in Brussels) are gonna sit down and try, once last time, to figure out a way of trying to keep us in the EU.

OUT OUT! I cannot believe she is doing this!

She will probably use the ECJ'S ruling as a threat, her word's, my deal or seek to revoke article 50, she has that card to play now, and to say she won't use it, I wouldn't bet on it....

She is going for further instructions!

No she can't and we won't get Brexit either, the vote has bee frustrated from day one by politicians and people who had no intention of ever letting the UK leave the EU.

Robbins is in Brussels trying to get assurances about the backstop. however the other big elephant in the room is Article 132. Extension of Transition. Which can be extended up to [31 December 20XX] not only can this keep us in until most of our yet unborn grandchildren are dead but will keep us paying in at an amount which the EU decide on, This will be decided ultimately by the ECJ. So where is our regaining sovereignty, regaining fishing, setting our own import tariffs and controlling migration?

Im surprised she's lasted this long. She must have alot of powerful people behind her, who have alot to loose, if we leave.

Listening to pmqs labour are just so thick it's frightening, Corbyn say a better deal needed yet labour manifesto agreed to apply brexit. Yet he won't say what he thinks he could get, the man only wants no10 and will do say anything to get it

Hopefully she will resign or a vote of no confidence I don,t care which as long as she is gone and we get a brexiteer to get us out

Anything is better than Corbyn McDonnell abbot in power

The EU doesn't want to renegotiate because they have been given the power to break up the UK.

Trouble is , if we get another general election Corbyn will get in and we are f***ed . This has all been done by design , they won't let us ever leave unless we get someone in power with a backbone.

ps..the media will come up with something to take our minds off brexit..just watch!!!

Don't tell me it's going to be Russia's fault again. Laughable!

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Mon Dec 10th, 2018

Diane James MEP

The EU Commission has just stated that it is the best possible deal and that they will not renegotiate. May's deal will not have a majority. I say Clean Break under WTO rules is the only and best possible away ... See MoreSee Less


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Couldn't agree more.WTO much better way forward. Just leave the EU to have its little revolution.

If we do not leave then it is the end of democracy and everyone might as well not vote in any elections or referendum, as the unelected mob will rule this Country.

Tired of this farce. Get out now.

The EU hate democracy. They can't accept the views of people. Frankly they sicken me. Let's get tough with them. We need a real leader who can deliver Brexit! Thanks Diane.

They won't allow a WTO leave as that's actually leaving. They want us shackled to the EU for their own bank accounts while it's taken from us

Diane James, you say "a clean break"! Good for you!

Totally in agreement Diane James MEP and knew CLEAN BREAK was the only way 2 years ago. The EU cannot offer us a better deal than current membership, Parliament cannot accept a deal that is the same as or worse than current membership. WTO Brexit is and always was the only answer. It is never going to work and the EU must use us to set an example to any other members daring to consider re-establishing their own sovereignty. Stop wasting time and effort - just smile nicely, wish the EU well, shake hands and separate. We'll go our way; our laws, our fiscal policies, our trade, our sovereignty. EU go your way. Cheerio!

YES, YES, YES the first thing the EU have done for us!!!

I'm with you Diane totally agree. I'm disillusioned with democracy after 63 years. There is nothing to have faith in any more, the politicians, the law,police, judges, the civil service. Why should I continue to be a decent, upstanding citizen and care about anything when insulted like this?

May is delaying the vote tomorrow and ECJ says Article 50 can now be reversed...this shows their desperation to lock us in...what are our MPs going to do about THIS now?!!! yours truly "Angry of Ash Vale"

I completely agree that leaving with No Deal on WTO terms is the best option for the UK. Unfortunately their is little support for it as the advantages have not been published and the scaremongering machine is on overdrive.

The traitors in Westminster will never allow it,..... the swamp needs to be cleaned. We need a new party in the UK, a pro BREXIT party and I hope that you would consider joining one if it s set up.

Its almost like the government are trying to wear the public down with talk after talk.. spin after spin. Well Theresa May. Its simple. Walk away. No deal. You can spend as much time talking junk after we're out. Completely out. Self governing completely on all issues.. simple.

What will it take for parliament to stop with their remainer nonsense and deliver on the promises they made to the British people, to honor the outcome of the vote.

Lets hope we finally get fully out of the Eu and the Conservative party saves its self from the massive damage Theresa May has caused it

Couldn’t agree more.... the Government needs to stop this stalling, the EU have stated it won’t negotiate anymore, the Vote in the House of Commons needs to carry on....

Well said. May’s surrender deal is best consigned to the dustbin.

Well said Ms James. Many thanks for all your posts from Brussels.

We are beyond the point of Democratic process, French style action and Revolution required, their first bloody Revolution!

Yes, totally agree. There’s nothing to stop us continuing to negotiate after we leave. If the EU is not open to that then so be it

There is one way to show how democracy is in the hands of the people- when it comes to a General Election that everyone shows their disgust at the way the main parties have ignored the voters is by NOT VOTING for any party, a general strike of the people against all political parties

Absolutely agree 💯 % Diane. That was the only possible way from day one.

But the remain houses of parliament will stop a no deal brexit some how 🙄🙄🙄🙄

I go along with that we will survive no problem .The EU is all ready falling a part .Just look around EU country's right now .

Correctly put and we should leave and do that right now, no more hanging about the countries loosing Billions waiting.

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Mon Dec 10th, 2018

Diane James MEP

I will be live from the European Parliament in Strasbourg at 1 pm GMT on Wednesday to answer your questions on Brexit. You can ask them today in the comment section below. see you on Wednesday! ... See MoreSee Less

I will be live from the European Parliament in Strasbourg at 1 pm GMT on Wednesday to answer your questions on Brexit. You can ask them today in the comment section below. see you on Wednesday!


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Only one question, why is our prime minister not fighting for the brexit we voted for, out! Only out. Not a little bit in.

Hello Diane. My question for you If the ECJ can decide a change to A50 that it can be stopped by the uk, and the fact we have never actually voted to Enter into the EU (formally eec), does this mean that technically all treaties are legally non binding? Thanks

Maybott is about to be recalled to Brussels where they will give it further indoctrination, instructions and new lithium batteries. They have jump leads on hand and a brand new anti-Brexit script to be put to the Great British Public.😡

Diane; a new political party is long overdue, one that people can trust, talks straight and not in jingoisms. It's about time you and the other MEPs along with key Brexiteers got your act together!

Will it soon be time to fight for our Christian God, for our country, for the future of our families, as they are doing today in Europe, because if we are betrayed over Brexit and the UN because of apathy in our government, then all these things we'll lose.

I understand and firmly believe Govt are planning for a peoples vote, why call it the 'peoples' vote? Simple, they will not want to go through leave win again, so It gives them a chance to rig the vote to remain (as that option will be there), then, when people are up in arms at that result, they will deny all responsibility and say its was the peoples vote not the Govt's.......corrupt to the core just wait and see!

Can you please tell us why we have to pay the EU 39 billion pounds? Thankyou.

Can you tell me why the pm wont do what the people voted for leave means leave

What is the EU 's reaction to the Yellow Jacket uprising?

Its a pity she resigned as UKip leader.

Is the Irish backstop the true intended final position that the EU want to achieve, is this their real goal ?

Look forward in hearing from a pretty lady. My question is as follows: As the deal was voted down in Parliament last evening, what would you like to happen next Diane

Please can you tell me what it was that she offered Spain on Gibraltar to get them to vote for her deal.Many thanks,it's keeping me awake at night!!!

What a waste of time every month just for less than 4 days work to move from Brussels to strasburg.

Brexit what’s that it’s certainly something that’s not happening cause our corrupt politicians won’t let it

Can we have an account and a list of what the 39 bn is actually for ,then we can question it and if all is well give them (EU) A reiept as we leave??

17 million people voted to leave in a democratic vote so get us out of that poxy e u, they are taking billions off us robbing us blind !!

Temporary confusion at the time of exiting was ALWAYS going to be a fact of life !....Brexit is all about leaving a foreign control of all things British and refusing to stay a subservient cash-cow of the EU tyrants who have now more than proved their lack of respect for Britain and it's people. The EU is not even a stable entity and with Hungary, Italy and France to name but a few now showing their lack of respect for EU domination it says much. YES, some businesses will be affected in the short term and some of the 39 BILLION that is on the table should be used to support any businesses in the short term. This battle for Brexit should not be ruled by short term financial uncertainty and can you just imagine Theresa May submitting to Hitler all those years ago BECAUSE IT MIGHT AFFECT OUR SHORT TERM ECONOMY. It appears that those fighting against Brexit are actually benefitting from cheap EU labour and may own properties elsewhere in the EU so only care about protecting their lot. If nothing else the Brexit process has shown how little we can trust Theresa May and my once decent but no longer, Conservative Party.

Well I had a question for you Diana, but like May I don't know whats going on after her delaying the meaningful vote, here's a question, can this government get anymore incompetent?( Kind of rhetorical) but I'd love to hear your view on them.

Where is the live feed then?

Why is it aloud for the chief whip can bully all those who voted for us to come out completely for him to tell them they have to vote for Theresa May ridiculous proposal for Brexit in which we will be tied to the EU and will never be aloud to ever leave.

Whats the point of having Article 50 or any other articles if they can be revoked and a country is allowed to change its mind going against the majority of its citizens?

Hi Diane My question is this :- In regards to the Northern Ireland issue The British government doesn't want a hard border ie check points and a wall. The Irish government has said they do not want to have a hard border with check points and a wall. The EU has said it doesnt want to have a hard border with check points and a wall And the good friday agreement states no hard border between north and south. Who will then place a border between north and south then? If its nobody then there's no issue or need for a backstop as all sides have already stated they dont want one or willing to put one up, Just smoke and mirrors to try and stop brexit dont you agree 🤔

How is the EU reacting to the ECJ ruling that BREXIT can be reversed without any agreement or condition imposed?

Brexit Diane - what Brexit is that then because as far as I can see it isn’t happening in any shape or form?

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Fri Dec 7th, 2018

Diane James MEP

Exit left, Brexit centre ... See MoreSee Less

Exit left, Brexit centre


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No second referendum - the first one has to be honoured -

If a 2nd referendum is held it is so unfair to those that voted for Brexit in the 1st referendum. These pro EU are only happy till they get what they want.

Lovely photo Diane, merry Christmas to you 💕

We lost a great party leader when you were bullied out of office Diane... It's good to see you still fighting for the UK. Have a great Christmas 😀🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😀

I will be smiling on Tuesday evening when the deal is voted down and there is a confidence motion in Teressa May. Oh happy days

What's happening Diane merry xmas keep fighting for brexit

The Government has responded to the petition – “The UK should not agree the UN's Global Compact for Migration”. Government responded: The Global Compact for Migration will support global co-operation on migration without affecting the sovereignty of all countries to control their own borders. Uncontrolled migration erodes public confidence, damages economies, and places those on the move in situations of intense vulnerability. The UK is taking significant steps to tackle uncontrolled migration by: - Addressing the root causes of migration, through our targeted assistance for livelihoods, healthcare, education and economic development - Tackling modern slavery and organised immigration crime - Supporting enhanced border management - Providing critical humanitarian support and protection for vulnerable migrants, as well as offering voluntary return and vital reintegration support to those wishing to return home - Supporting refugees to stay in a first safe country through our humanitarian and development work in Africa, the Middle East and Asia The Global Compact for Migration embeds these efforts within the global system, enhances cooperation between states, and sets out ways that countries may choose to deliver these objectives. The Compact is not legally binding. It creates a framework to allow countries to work together to make global migration more beneficial for everyone. It respects the sovereignty of all states to decide who enters their territory. It will not affect our ability to determine and implement our own migration policies, including in areas such as asylum, border controls and returns of illegal migrants. It does not establish a ‘human right to migrate’ or create any new legal categories of migrant. It explicitly stresses that migrants are entitled to the same universal human rights as any human being, and that these are different to the legal protections available to refugees. Too many people, including vulnerable women and girls, are taking risky journeys to migrate through dangerous channels. The Compact will help us take important steps to keep migrants around the world safer and to protect the most vulnerable, by supporting international cooperation on the protection of migrants, in line with our obligations under international law. It outlines ways of preventing exploitation, and of combating the heinous crime of modern slavery. A key objective of the document is to support cooperation on reducing uncontrolled migration. It sets out the responsibility of countries of origin to ensure effective control of their borders, and to cooperate in accepting the return of their nationals when they no longer have the right to remain in another country. Furthermore, the text also calls on countries of origin to work with the international community to address the drivers of irregular migration, by creating economic opportunities for populations in source countries, and improving governance and respect for the rule of law. When migration is safe and regular, it can bring great prosperity. The Compact also sets out possible actions to harness the economic benefits of safer, regular migration, for example by reducing the costs of remittances that migrants send home. These can foster economic development in source countries, helping to address some of the causes of migration. The Compact is the result of months of intergovernmental negotiations. Though it is legally non-binding and no country can be compelled to conform with its provisions, we are aware that a small number of countries have chosen not to endorse it. We respect this choice and note that countries will be able to endorse the Compact, or cooperate with other states on delivering its objectives, at any point in the future. Department for International Development Click this link to view the response online: petition.parliament.uk/petitions/232698?reveal_response=yes This petition has over 100,000 signatures. The Petitions Committee will consider it for a debate. They can also gather further evidence and press the government for action. The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee: petition.parliament.uk/help#petitions-committee Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament

Merry Xmas Diane .. UKIP are gone but hope you find a party u can support x

Lovely picture. Why is it that we always have people “leading” our nation looking weak and ugly? Unfortunately diane, you’ll never be our premier.

Lovey photo of one of the few brexit legends!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Diane you have been the eyes and ears for us now youve become the face of true. Democracy.

What a good looking woman and thanks for what you have done over this year keeping us in touch and updated with things going on with the EU. I hope you have a very nice day Xmas and a happy new year

Time for a new political approach.

Lovely pic D ..👍🙂.. Could I ask where the hell is Jacob Reece Mogg ???

I've always like this Lady ,Class act ! Shoots from the hip ,hope ,I'm not wrong as I was about some other self seeking Ukip members who have not only resigned but slated off others without personal agendas

Talking in riddles tonight ? I have just watched newsnight and it would seem that a second referendum is going to happen and the choice will be either to remain or accept TM’s capitulation. Game set and match ! What a shower

What does that even mean? Are you on tranquillisers or something?

Nothing fake or selfish about this beautiful lady if only we had more like her in parliament.

Hopefully we have not heard the last from her!

Many thanks for all your informative posts from Brussels.

Diane you are doing a brilliant job for the nations interests and a credit to the Conservative party please vote against mrs may from surrendering us to Brussels

The end of Democracy.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. If only you were the PM? One day our MP's will do what the people vote for and not their selfish needs.

She as keep the UK people up-to-date about the EU and what the EU are going to do with the British people so in my eyes she as done a very good job for the British people and done it very well

Go for it Diane. I’m waiting for this new party.

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Fri Dec 7th, 2018

Diane James MEP

You know how I aye bite my tongue (steady, lads...) -- But, appears they just don't want me doing the 'Draft Day' EU summit media walk-through next Thursday once I'm done with Strasbourg... Unless I'm mistaken, that means they don't want anyone other than the heads of the EU's Five Political Families (thankfully, Nigel's OK...) to even just be available for media, & not just Fleet Street. Have pushed the issue summit chiefs, not for me -- for constituency, for the moment, for the May-ahem... See what gives Monday ... See MoreSee Less

You know how I aye bite my tongue (steady, lads...) -- But, appears they just dont want me doing the Draft Day EU summit media walk-through next Thursday once Im done with Strasbourg... Unless Im mistaken, that means they dont want anyone other than the heads of the EUs Five Political Families (thankfully, Nigels OK...) to even just be available for media, & not just Fleet Street. Have pushed the issue summit chiefs, not for me -- for constituency, for the moment, for the May-ahem... See what gives Monday


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The Party's begun -- it's not the structure that starts it. Same thing we all know when any party is over. Dorking Saturday, Night.

Stealers, wheels...

Wonderful lady + as we say Oop North..."fit as a butcher's dog" !!!

Hope you will be part of the new Party Diane.

Sitting here watching BBC news its as if the people who voted by a majority to come out don’t exist ! TM has sent out her ministers to do what exactly ? Labour are interested in a new customs union with access to the single market ? So to stay in the EU is their aim and they think we are too thick to see this ? If Parliament gets away with this betrayal, then it is an expensive irrelevance to the people. They keep talking about democracy and the national interest but democracy is almost dead with this lot. Have they no shame about betrayal ? What a shower ! I hold the vast majority of them in contempt

Only UKIP will resolve this. Farage and the others who resigned are just looking for an extra 5 years at €300 per day!! Pure corruption. WE VOTED OUT to prevent this and Nigel has turned out to be a traitor too

Yes. Let us know when the new party is formed. ASAP xxxx

Diane, you're a star. You know you're talking yourself out of a job but understand that when the time comes to be counted, the number is usually 1. Welcome at mine anytime.

This government is the most undemocratic in our entire history. They only believe in democracy when it suits them.

It was said on the news today that Nigel Farage is launching a new poilitcal party on Monday........what do you know about this Diane James MEP ?

Well this just won’t do. Stand up and fight for your rights madam. PS - Can we have another live session from you soon. I have lots of questions on Brexit to ask you Diane

As I said you are the best you have kept us up dated with everything Diane have a very nice Xmas as they say in Spain adios

hi Diane, I am a constituent of yours(Hampshire) and spoke to you about a month ago on here about an e-mail I sent you concerning the WAVE Trust 70/30 campaign. I was advised by your staff member roddy that if I resent the -email, I would get a response that week. It's three weeks later and I still have no response. I know you are busy but it is possible that you might be able to take five minutes to look at my e-mail and provide a response?

Stay strong Diane you are a beacon !

Your looking well Diane , please keep up the good work you are doing .

Well at least Nigel is still there Diane.

no party offers us pride but only a few truly feel it for this island

Diane; of course the unelected, unaccountable "club" don't want you there. You might just tell tbe truth; and they can't handle that

Every time that the clarity of the Brexit option is raised ask the person why they think that the remain side was so inept and incapable of making their case? Suggest how obvious it is that they must not have been paying any attention to the subject during the interminably long pre-referendum debate period, or during the many years before it was called, as they seem to think that the issue sprung up out of the blue.

All our Brexit mp's and the likes talk..talk and talk..hell, even more talk involved. Talking has got us nowhere.

When have you ever followed the rules...?

Diane would you mind repeating yourself more succinctly please

Diane, .............. Replace her ! Please ! :/

What are your thoughts on Tommy Robinson being associated with the leader ?

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