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Thu Apr 18th, 2019

Diane James MEP

EU Parliament nothing more than a puppet of unelected officials www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt9o7iosBJ8www.efddgroup.eu | www.thebrexitparty.org • European Parliament, Strasbourg, 17th April 2019 • Diane James MEP, The Brexit Party, Europe of Freedom and Direc... ... See MoreSee Less

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Always said the same, the eu Parliament is an emasculated talking shop, rubber stamping what the commissars tell them to.

That may be true but i bet you stand again!

Eu has no land it doesn’t make anything,it doesn’t sell anything ,leaders are unelected,nothing more than a huge enormous €€€€€€€€€ cost to every country within its control,and yet it wants more and more each year,

Watched GRANADA REPORTS to day and was utterly disgusted at the bias BREXIT report. Granada reports is supposed to be North West News and should not be focusing on BREXIT. I am so disgusted at the bias scaremongering and views of Spain. After all it is we living in Britain who voted to leave the EU and Granada needs to get its act together and concentrate on North West news and stop trying to control and over rule the peoples referendum vote.

Which wants to run it's own army.

EU is a corrupt organisation and I don’t want any part of it. No audits, no free speech, no democracy, no borders - proved to have caused chaos. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Every month France demands that the EU moves to Strasborg as it says this is the historical home of the Common Market. This involves moving tons of paperwork, files and every MEP, all the backroom staff etc etc-- The cost 114 million Euros this is an absolutely outrageous waste of money part of which we fund

Yes we know but our incompetent MPs just won't see it.

The MEP's and EU is a thiefing institution of power hungry, self important, have beens. Drives me insane seeing chaffer driven cars taking em all and red carpets and all the buddy buddy hand shaking !

Would diane James consider joining the Brexit Party?

They have puppets in the EU ......but we sadly have Muppets representing us.

We should have been out March 29th 2019 not getting Roped into E.U. elections And extending Brexit for months on end to suit E.U.

And Labour wants to tie us to that undemocratic lot

Perhaps some M.P.s who wish to join might have seen some of unelected officials BANK ACCOUNTS AND THOUGHT BLOODY HELL COULD DO WITH A BIT OF THAT

At one sitting, I understand that the EU "parliament" passed 180 pieces of legislation in one hour. What happened to checks and balances ?

We have always known that it is the unelected commissioners who make the laws. The parliament just rubber stamps them.

While on another subject... So I am to understand you have joined the Brexit party and will be standing again.

Diane. I saw you behind a Brexit Party poster on some video, so I assume that you will be a candidate ? Why is Stephen Wolfe being prevented being a candidate if I have got it right ?

You mean officials acting like unelected Muppets!!!

If they’re unelected, what’s with the upcoming EU elections? Were you not elected?

You will soon have more Anti EU - Pro British Eu.friends Diane,lots of them.

Love Diane James. Xx

Apart from Diane, I only saw one other person there.

Long time no hear Diane

And it is not an accident!

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Wed Mar 20th, 2019

Diane James MEP

I was interviewed by Radio Sputnik on the possibility of a WTO deal ... See MoreSee Less


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Diane James MEP what is your take on this article ? Just to be clear, Jacob Rees-Mogg has been saying for some time, "you can't just change the law ... we can't prevent the UK leaving the European Union on the basis of one debate." The European Union Withdrawal Act, (2018), which became law 26th June 2018, when the Queen signed the Royal Assent, states in section 13: "... if by Monday 21 January 2019, there is no agreement in principle in the negotiations on the substance of the withdrawal arrangements and the framework for the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom, the government must publish a statement setting out how the government proposes to proceed, and must arrange for debate about that in Parliament within days." In other words, the UK leaving the EU is already legally binding and will take place on 29th March at 11pm. The Government and opposition parties, having not been able to agree a satisfactory deal, only have time to meet privately to discuss, and publicly to debate, how the UK leaves, not when. Parliament can more easily debate significant amendments to the deal Theresa May's government has already put forward, than begin discussing anything completely new, such as another referendum or extension of Article 50. Something new, would have to pass through several debates and readings, where any MP or member of the House or Lords, is permitted to attempt to add an amendment, all of which has to be voted on. Another referendum would be a new proposed Act of Parliament. As with any new proposal of legislation, it would have to pass through; be debated and voted on several times, by both the House of Commons and House of Lords, before it may become a Bill. Even then, in order to become a legally binding law, and be able to be acted upon, such as the EU Referendum Act (2015), and EU Withdrawal Act (2018), it must receive Royal Assent by the Queen. The process of making a law has always been deliberately procedural (slow) in order to ensure every consideration is taken. This is what Jacob Rees-Mogg has been doggedly attempting to explain to every media interviewer, in order to prevent the hysteria they are trying to create. If another law is to be agreed, in order to delay the UK's withdrawal from the EU, then the law it supersedes, has to be repealed, and this increases Parliament's debating time. If you are a Remain voter feeling upset about all this, and want someone to blame for demanding to have everything in writing and fully legal with regards Brexit, then think back to a certain lady, who in the Autumn of and Winter of 2016-17, caused a furore over taking the Government to court in order to ensure the UK's procedure of withdrawal would be legally binding. If you liked this article, please share with your friends and groups. Thank you.

Another MEP talking shit.

It’s probably about time we faced the fact that we are not going to be leaving because the government do not want us too, they stand to lose too much!

YEP but that's not what the NAZI MAY is delivering

Everybody is forgetting the European Elections.. The May election may change everything...

Radio Sputnik? was anyone listening. 🤔

We won’t be allowed Diane. Love my Country hate my Government

Diane James MEP .. please can you do a questions and answers address to us on the current state of affairs its been awhile since we have Heard from you please thankyou i personally would like to hear a piece of your mind to us your fans and supporters thankyou Diane xx

For the 46 years we have been members of the EEC/ EU our NHS has been in some form of a crisis . Now we are leaving remainers claiming the NHS will be in a crisis 🤔.

And NO £39 billion to them.

Funny how the msm in Britain never want to air her views...

May is a remainer is weak spineless and a lier has cohorted with the EU to stay connected to the EU on her husband's advice to say she is incompetent is an understament.in against the mandate of the people to include senior civil service officials and has cost this country's tax payers a lot of money like a long playing record it says the same same old lies same old text.Time to drain the swamp next general election.

Our MPs have stuck their noses into something that was not supposed to be their concern and have made an appalling mess of it. The referendum was a vote for the ELECTORATE to decide whether to leave or not and not our MPs. They have proved their inadeqacy by ignoring their electorates and dragging the decision down to the level of a party issue.

Gareth Davies Truck drivers are threatening to block a number of motorways and major roads this Friday from 17:30. If you feel truly wronged and want to take a stand against this PM, and parliament as a whole, try not to get angry at those who are taking a stand. Join them. Bring this country to a standstill. Let's get this ball rolling and show them that they will rue the day they ignored the people. Please share

Get May out. Or give us Leave No Deal I no longer give a,stuff about a self-centred narcissistic alter ego barren old maid.

I see big trouble ahead.

May cannot be allowed to take part in any future deal making she must go.

Diane James can you answer me this. I would be more than happy to go WTO but many say it’s not that simple as you need to be part of a trade block. Is this true or more remoaner 🐂

#letsgoWTO 1000daysofremoaners 9 days till #freedom #leavemeansleave 🙂


Diane you should be PM

No deal is the real deal.


Where have you been ?

Well done diane

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Tue Mar 19th, 2019

Diane James MEP

In my speech in the European Parliament yesterday I exposed people like Tom Watson who go to Brussels and Strasbourg to brief eurocrats against Brexit, labour supporters must know the truth! youtu.be/hUWkzZO-cdIHenri the VIII abandoned rubbish negotiations we should do the same! ... See MoreSee Less

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A list of MPs who have colluded with the EU should be published so we can see who they are and what they have tried to do. Let’s hope that we have some EU members that have a spine and vote against any extension to A50, i.e. Italy, Hungary, Poland ironically we are asking the EU members to help us leave because the remainer MPs can’t be trusted.

If or when we have to stay in the EU will we have to be in the Euro

Robin Tilbrook And Graham Moore Are Raising Funds To Fight Court Case Against The Government Over Brexit!...... All Thanks To The One And Only Gina Miller Who Showed Us The Way! Go On To Either Of Their Face Book Pages To Read Posts And Watch Videos About What Is Needed And How They Will Do It! See For Yourselves!...... You May Just Help Save Brexit! God Bless The Uk And All True Patriots!😁

Well said Diane, you are repeating what all sensible people think. What is the point in continuing discussions with people who refuse to see your point of view. It's more effective to simply say "Enough! We are wasting our time", and simply leave!

Just another odious ambitious self serving slimeball...good grief what has our political system sunk to? Where is the next Oliver Cromwell? #draintheswamp

Great woman. She should rejoin UKIP and add to its appeal.

All I’m gonna say is 2nd May council election must get these corrupt MPs out then roll on the general election where the rest can follow

All underhand, needs prosecuting for treason!

I keep hearing from these idiot politicians that leave voters are changing their minds in favour of remaining, I honestly haven’t met one up to now, but I have met loads that voted remain who now want us to leave because they are disgusted in our anti democratic parliament and the money grabbing eu, and that is the truth.


henry the eight was in charge not this lot of mis guided //i what all these to be removed and give us a second vote of whom we want to govern our country

29th we leave MPs had better not block this and Mrs may we want no extension none

The parallels between the stages of the Reformation and Brexit are astonishing. It ended with the Pope ordering Roman Catholics to murder Queen Elizabeth and went down hill from there. We then dominated the world for 400 years . . .

Spot on Diane,as you said there no one within Government with any sort of guts or spine to do what should have been done walk away,but instead they have all let the Leave Voters down but they will all pay big time at the General Elections.🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

YOU REALLY DO NEED TO READ THIS AND PLEASE SHARE ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Article from the Telegraph: how much longer will May carry on with her deceit? On the 29th January 2019 the Prime Ministers deception and treachery has been revealed. Sir Bill Cash MP asked a seemingly innocuous question to the PM in the House of Commons to reveal her proposed Withdrawal Agreement Bill Deal "would Overturn the Referendum Result and Stop Brexit", in a question from this skilled lawyer and statesman. Sir Bill Cash exposed the explicit intention of the PM to introduce what she has referred to as the “The Withdrawal Agreement Bill”, which in reality would REVERSE the Withdrawal Act and the Referendum result. The question asked in this precise way, forced the Prime Minister to admit to the House of Commons that the intention of ‘The Deal’ was to over-turn the repeal of the 1972 Communities Act, the essential legal instrument which keeping us bound into the European Union forever. Her deliberate intention was to deceive the Members of Parliament hoping, they would not pick up on her treachery. How many more lives she has is questionable, especially now her treachery to keep the UK in the EU forever has been unveiled, clearly showing she NEVER had any intention of Leaving. Making her Pledge that “Brexit means Brexit” a complete lie. This means May's "Surrender Document" is not a Withdrawal "Agreement" or a "DEAL" - it is a TREATY. It's for an Associate Membership of the NEW AMENDED LISBON TREATY. An Associate membership means the Governments complete surrender to the EU in all things, but gets NO SAY on any new laws or taxes or fees. Since the Lisbon Treaty was formulated and all its' Laws made by the European Union, it cannot be re-negotiated. No country can renegotiate any part of the Lisbon Treaty because when you sign up to it, you accept ALL it's conditions and Laws. This new version, all the opt-ins, opt-outs, vetoes and emergency brake have been abolished within the EU making any changes impossible - only if the EU decides to change something to suit themselves - that's fine because it is self-amending. This is what she has been hiding from us and her treachery has at last been exposed. Surely her position now is untenable.

What a Lady, true PM material. perhaps after Brexit ?

Traitors every one that sits in government

This is why I will never vote Labour again they are TRAITOR to the people who voted out

Well said thank you for standing with us on this fake brexit

If they cant decide on decision in two years. SHAMEFUL ! What waste of tax payers money.

Nicky Morgan on sky News grinning like a Cheshire Cat, she must be happy with the recent brexit betrayal as never seen her this happy since the vote . She must know lots that we don’t know. Every guest was a remainer on Kay Burley show except bill cash, all saying A second vote but umunna denying he doesn’t want a by election for fear of losing the vote, says it’s not a good idea with the current turmoil, which he seems to forget its all caused by him and the corrupt politicians.. guaranteed they’ll all be gone.

A prime minister with an element of spine? Not this one, she wants to delay as long as possible. if she gets her way with a 2 year extension , i guarantee there will be another referendum towards the end of it. Tom Watson is a disgrace to any democratic party.

Well spoken as usual Dianne

Watson is not the only traitorous politician who has slithered over to Brussels to plot against Brexit. No doubt claiming/thieving travel and accomodation expenses from us taxpayers...

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Mon Mar 4th, 2019

Diane James MEP

Without the unilateral exit clause, the UK would find itself hostage of the EU, the ERG must hold firm. ... See MoreSee Less


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I am right with the following ? : As stated in an earlier comment the eu can not force two countries to default on their treaties or agreements especially if it is going to casue war crimes, aggression. etc crimes against humanity etc .Our treaty with the EU would be Nul and void by law no artical 50 would be needed ! A treaty is void if, at the time of its conclusion, it conflicts with a peremptory norm of general international law. For the purposes of the present Convention, a peremptory norm of general international law is a norm accepted and recognized by the international community of states as a whole as a norm from which no derogation is permitted and which can be modified only by a subsequent norm of general international law having the same character.[9] The EU can not for two countries to default espcially if it is going to lead to wa The number of peremptory norms is considered limited but not exclusively catalogued. They are not listed or defined by any authoritative body, but arise out of case law and changing social and political attitudes. Generally included are prohibitions on waging aggressive war, crimes against humanity, war crimes, maritime piracy, genocide, apartheid, slavery, torture. As an example, international tribunals have held that it is impermissible for a state to acquire territory through war.[10][4] x Amanda x

ALL BREXITERS know this! You have to convince Corbyn, Sturgeon, Cable and that "green" slimey woman and many remoaners related to those whose goal it is to thwart BREXIT.

Brexit means LEAVING, we have survived worse. The only thing the EU are terrified of lis losing the huge amount of money we pay !

At Long Last Something Approaching Sensible From This Man. 12 February 2019 - GEORGE SOROS The EU Looks Like The Soviet Union In 1991 – On The Verge Of Collapse "It is difficult to see how the pro-EU parties can emerge victorious from the May elections unless they put Europe’s interests ahead of their own. One can still make a case for preserving the EU in order radically to reinvent it. But that would require a change of heart within the EU. The current leadership is reminiscent of the Politburo when the Soviet Union collapsed – continuing to issue edicts as if they were still relevant."

Saw this and wondered if the Leavers would like to participate. Boost the Royal Mail and bit and keep our local Postie in a job. Send a postcard or sealed envelope to Parliament c/o 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London. SW1A 2AA with your name and address signifying their authenticiy. To protest to Theresa May, her remain cabinet and Parliament MPs total betrayal of the LEAVE vote. OUT ON WTO ON 29TH MARCH 2019. NO COMPROMISE. NO 39 BILLION PAID TO THE EU. To be posted first class on the 6th March 2019. Hopefully this is an alternative to those unable to take part in any proposed marches. Please share

All brexiteers know we are defeated only by the cowardice the establishment who were voted in to carry out the will of the people There is much more going on in the background than the whole country has been made aware of and for that reason Mrs Mays deal will go through after all it would be unthinkable we could manage with a no deal brexit we have all been told time and time again how stupid we are to even think this

If we leave without a deal Brussels will be under enormous pressure from members states, especially Germany, the Netherlands and Ireland, that will force the unelected bureaucrats to act sensibly. The boot will be on the other foot. Threatened destruction of the EU project will focus minds wonderfully.

Where have you been - get interviewed by the MSM not that RT bunch.

We need a clean break from Europe. If this deal is passed (no chance) then the French will block any decent trade deal unless we give them access to our fishing grounds...We voted to leave in order to empower our fishing industry and not trade it off. No deal Brexit is the only way forward.

We have to accept it ,there will be no deal We never wanted a deal .we simply voted to leave ,They never intended for us to leave and they will make sure we don’t .This pretence as gone on long enough ,I will never vote again ,The EU Will use great Britain as a-cash cow to prop up other failing countries .Then we will have lost everything we ever stood for

We will NEVER leave why can,t people see this it,s as plain as your nose.

The EU will not change anything. There's no point in a delay and if the eu want a delay it will guarantee that it will be in their interest. There has been little negotiation just a series of demands. The so called Brexit agreement is an eu agreement that will put Britain in a worse position than at present.

This morning on poltics live, were talking about the back stop and one chap ( forget his name put a pratt anyway) mentions how there is no tech to cover soft borders . What a flaming lie that is, . I pass through the dutch and german border 3 - 4 times a week what is there a metal structure that stretches across the motor way at the border with cameras on . They use these to track people using a certain weight of hgv so they can charge them toll fees , for use of their roads. Also I have another point Diane . How is it France can have an arrangement with Switzerland so they do not need to have passport checks at the Border ??? Yet IReland to uk Ireland the EU are being two faced on the matter and stating there is no option. What a lie that is. x amandax www.facebook.com/amanda.mandy.7169709/videos/397347004434619/

Mays deal is Dead; RIP. May has railroaded everyone in attempts to put her EU Capitulation deal through which as everyone knows was written up by Angela Merkle, a complete farce. May can continue to prattle on or move to a WTO Brexit and save her party. She has now spent 2Years taking the Mick which has gone down like a brick being dropped into water. Her deal will inevitably decimate the Conservative party and Grassroots while handing power to Labour.

Gutless MP's we DO NOT WANT A DEAL, how many times!

But will they?

Diane, have you seen this??? www.msn.com/en-gb/news/brexit/pm-accused-of-bribing-mps-with-£16bn-post-brexit-fund/ar-BBUkops?ocid=spartanntp

If it’s true that the ERG could walk out of Westminster and help bring the government down therefore forcing a general election, so be it. Maybe then we, the electorate, can get rid of all these MP’s who were voted in on manifesto’s promising to leave the EU, but who then went against their constituents wishes and have tried to keep us in it

So what happens in the following scenario which could happen, MPs vote to reject the deal, they then vote for either to leave with no deal or vote to not leave without a deal, then vote not to extend.

Estonia showing the way. Centre right party surprise win in elections. Right party takes more votes then expected. Beware EU it starts.

I can't believe we had a referendum that voted out....why is Mrs May and her government remainers not telling the E.U. What G.B. Want....like it or leave it. They will miss us and realise what they have lost(mainly our money) when we are gone.

We never voted for a deal we voted to leave

Why would the EU make any further concessions when Remainers are doing their job for them? Call a General Election NOW, today. Parliament is dissolved and we leave on WTO at 11pm on 29th March. A new government will sort out the problems from a position of strength when we are 'out'!

Absolutely you are our last hope. Persuade your colleagues to vote with you. No Deal would be the outcome. Business will cope and together we will make the UK great again!

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Tue Feb 12th, 2019

Diane James MEP

... See MoreSee Less


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i have voted ukip many times but it is now unelectable- just a reborn bnp - thank goodness for this new party which will cut across traditional party lines !!!!

Unless they get people to stand at local elections this will never work. They will never get enough seats Too little too late sadly.

Nigel and family recieved numerous death threats , that is why he jumped ship ..

Where have you been? Diane James MEP. Couldn't this party link up with Unity & Sovereignty party and really make a difference post Brexit?

There was no political vacuum, UKIP filled that gap, and Gerard Batten is the voice of UKIP, and he is doing a fine job, doesn't get the exposure in the media like Nigel Farage does, but his message still gets through, and is in line with most working class people's thinking.

Someone that actually wants to leave

I for one am very pleased and relieved that a new Brexit Party has been founded. .................................... I Slogged hard for UKIP for 5 years. Then Farage walked away. Then they had crash after crash with incompetant and lying leaders bringing the party more public humiliation in 14 months than it had endured in all the previous years. I and thousands of others left after the Paul Nuttall fiasco. Enough was enough. .......................... Now Batten, in desperation, opened the doors to all comers and it has been infiltrated with the likes of displaced BNP, EL etc., I've check out some of the posts and been shocked and horrified. .......... I wouldn't touch UKIP with a very, very long barge pole now. Like the BNP, it will always be a despised, mostly ignored, minority group. I just feel desperately sorry for those long term members who are staying out of party loyalty. But I bet now they have an alternative, many of them will leave too.

Bad time to bring in a party when he left ukip to fight the cause. Splitting the people now is a bad idea.

I'd prefer a union of Brexit Party and UKIP. All our votes in one place!

UKIP ... the new name for EDL.

No thanks we already have a Brexit party it's called UKIP.

I am sceptical I Reserve judgement I await to see his manifesto on Immigration Illegal immigration Sharia law Halal And what this party will do to stop the disturbing and creeping islamification of our nation. As i do not believe he has been vocal enough on these issues

UKIP is our one and only real genuine peoples brexit party ,Nigels new party full of rich elites will split votes and support the Tory party in the elections ,I DO NOT WANT THE RICH ELITE TAKING CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY EVER AGAIN ,I do not trust Nigel one bit on this

I like Mr Farage. Great speaker. But he let a lot of people down when he left UKIP. He does seem to like himself a little bit more then loyalty to those people who supported him......

can't see how this party could have a long life once brexit achieved? UKIP on the other hand could continue .......... Nigel in error here I think

BS , Farage has created this party to split the vote to help his new establishment friends 😠

They don’t plan to stand in local or general elections only Euro ones ? Sounds to me like meps trying to keep there huge salaries 🤔 I’ll stick with ukip

Farage is now protecting the tories by splitting the UKIP vote. His rant about ordinary decent working class people who supported Tommy Robinson says it all, skinheads and thugs he called them, some pensioners on a peaceful march. There is a 3 part video on FB now by Andrew Norfolk. Watch them before you judge Tommy who has been hounded by the state. Dont just hate him because he is working class. Farage is a disgrace and history will show that.

29 months to late, this should have happened after the result, not now when it's to late to make any difference in the negotiations. Whatever happens in parliament and Brussels will not be affected by this new party, if it had been going 29 months it may have been different tho'.

Sorry Diane , Farage should be getting behind UKIP not trying to split the vote. At the moment he is doing more to harm Brexit than help it.

for me immigration rate has been long term problem and UKIP were only party considering this.. Effects on UK just not thought about by these people who advocate or even welcome unrestricted immigration, I can no longer visit London as I find myself surrounded by foreigners ...... the other change to fight for is proper proportional representation which if in place in UK would have given UKIP many MP's ......

Bye bye Farage...welcome UKIP!

If you look closely at the euro news channels there are European Union members looking into a bilateral trade agreement under WTO guidelines so they can trade with us after 29th March, Switzerland already drawn one up and Italy are following suit. They will all leave the European federation behind to trade with us at this rate.

There never was a political vaccuum waiting to be filled. It was always more than adequately filled by UKIP.

UKIP . We must decide to have one big vote , not half a vote SO Vote UKIP

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Mon Feb 11th, 2019

Diane James MEP

Morning! I am proud to support the #GoWTO campaign ... See MoreSee Less

Morning! I am proud to support the #GoWTO campaign


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Great, straight talking from you again diane. If you werent married....I would propose 😁😁

exactly what i voted for

We must have WTO.

Great just need to back ukip

Pipe me aboard skipper.

Thats what we want and that is what Leave means.

Please come to wales and sort out this shower of sh..t in the welsh assembly

You’ve been a bit quiet lately or has my feed been “restricting” your posts?

Diane we don't appear to get the videos from you anymore. Have you stopped them?

Will you be joining/backing the Brexitparty set up by Nigel??

yes... but we all know it won't happen...right?

Now they are using the fashion industry as part of the fear factor tosh lol. Just how much do we get from europe campared to the rest of the world. Not a Lot ! x Amanda x

WTO is the way to go.

Do NOT vote Tory/Lab/Lib ever again!

Well best of luck as this story has more twist and turns than a mountain pass. The no deal is in with a chance and a rerun vote very little chance but an extension is gaining concern. There is now a mechanism to counter that it, don't bother with soap operas, there is more drama on a daily basis.

Always look forward to your messages from the EU Diane. One post that we can trust for the truth. Have you any idea where the term "CRASHING OUT of the EU" came from? Shouldn't it be replaced by "CASHING IN on WTO terms" instead. When did we become a defeatist nation or is 'money the guiding factor these days?

Diane .. both yourself and Andrea jenkyns have been the most courageous and truthful politicians throughout these turbulent times. More people like you and less corrupt “all about me liars” please

Diane have you thought about joining Nigel with his Brexit Party ....


Well done Diane!

A pity we didn’t have good MEPs in the European Parliament. If we were walked over by Brussels what were they doing , just drinking the gravy.

they are now an unelected break away party , who is going to foot their wages now , , they must re-stand to be elected again (FAT CHANCE ) thier cards are well and truly marked let them have their 5 minutes of fame it will be thheir last

And poverty- who else has done this????

Go Diane you tell them my girl.X

More ower to your elbow Diane, but the major problems are our MPs who consistently ignore the result of the referendum and give personal opinions and fefuse to represent their electorate. Party politics should not be a part of the Brexit debate but, again, it's in the hands of the same MPs.

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