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Thu Jan 17th, 2019

Diane James MEP

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Cracking legs

Diane is a woman full of loyalty and integrity. She does not post pictures fishing for compliments on her legs!............. But I must admit fantastic legs. 😍

Davis Boris, Mogg, Farage, Raabb, James Peoples party??

Salmonhead pretending not to look at those cracking pins.

Forget politics for a minute

Watch the bloke on your left Diane..he has form....

Mmmmmm good pair of pins.

A rose between thorns

I think man spreading should be made illegal.

I spot a lefty, second from your left. Obviously he knows his place 😄

if you got alot of guys for a debate...would it be fair too call it a masdebate ...lol

Bring on hard remain. I want the lot. Schengen, the Euro, EU army, everything.

No wander parlement is in such a mess - 'Manners maketh the man!'

Crop the guys out for an even better photo

Wow stunning legs x

Why would you sit yourself down with these three monkeys Diane ,a foxy Con and one who cant speak the truth, the fishy S.N.P Sturgeon mate Salmond, who no matter how hard he tried, could never see the truth when even placed in front of his cod like eyes, or Blair witches son Johnson who couldn't speak the truth even about that particular well known dossier. Don't you dare let them contaminate you.

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Thu Jan 17th, 2019

Diane James MEP

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Time to strike back at the EU knock that bottle of French wine off the shelf let it smash on the floor beefburgers from the EU throw on the floor do not not buy from EU sourced😉 goods the supermarkets will learn quickly buy British South African New Zealand and other new world countries its the same price (EU have seen to that)We have had enough now of being messed about by our politicians.

Fit. Brexiteer. Patriot. What's not to like!

Don't believe May. The most devious PM we ever had..

Just a dream but wish we have another political party that speaks for the people not just the city and the powerful, I have always voted conservative however if we don’t leave the EU and take back full control as per the referendum result then no way would I ever vote conservative again, it would be independent or nothing

Looking gd 😘😘😘

Top lady 🇬🇧

Now thats a nice picture

Great lady

One of our most respected politicians, her views always delivered with total elegance. We're with you Diane ....even if here we are all men !

You are a very handsome woman Ms James and made even more so by being very intelligent.

You appear to spend an inordinate amount of time posing and changing your profile pic, I don't particularly care what you look like, just the job you are doing....which is what ?

A lot of people saying how good she looks but you can’t sort brexit on looks alone be nice to see someone do something rather than selfies

Diane you have not been talking to us lately.

Nice one Diane, you look great :-)#

Beautiful where have you been Diane.

Didn't know who she was until I seen a video on her about coming out the EU. Need more people like her. I'm behind her 100% You go girl

Would be great if she was our PM . But I dream I'm .

don't knock the bottle of wine off the shelf send it to me

What a contrast between yourself and the one in power...

Some one very interesting with intelligence in the wrong job.

Stunning beautiful and loyal. X

Enough of the modelling. When are you going to share a live feed Diane

Should be our Prime Minister (honest truthful woman and a PATRIOT)

Great woman and lovely looking as well 😘

Looking great Diane , stay warm over there ,

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Wed Jan 16th, 2019

Diane James MEP

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gulp x

It almost makes me wish we were keeping MEP's 😉 MBGA 🇬🇧🇬🇧

Like the new photo Diane. So what is the word on the ground over there? Is anyone being honest with you about what is happening?

Love this woman !!!

Excellent Photograph Of a Intelligent Lady and a good MEP You look good there but can you cook?

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Wed Jan 16th, 2019

Diane James MEP

For those of you who haven't seen that one yet, so refreshing, so true www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Un45y1SHqIPatreon.com/FrustratedBrit Twitter.com/Frustrated_Brit ... See MoreSee Less

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May handled it wrong from the word go. She has capitulated on everything when having so called talks with the EU and has wasted two and a half years since we voted to come out. She is an absolute disgrace.


That's just the sort of news that should be on British TV

I left school at 16 & did an engineer apprenticeship so I don't have the benefits of a university degree. But having said that one doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to know you don't go creeping into a negotiation begging for a deal as May did !

I'm afraid that girl will never now get a job at the BBC.

I saw this a few weeks ago and an Australianq friend told me that this lady was previously an advisoe to the Australian PM. She certainly shows more sense than our PM and her "advisors",

Nice to hear someone talking sense.

Well said, the second time l've watched it. Our treasonous politicians, especially May should watch this, as we are the laughing stock of the world. I bet the people over the decades that emigrated are pleased they did.

Why is this woman not our prime minister

This should be shown to the spineless parliamentarians!

Brilliant. Now why isn't our media as clued up as this.

Funny I talk to a lot of businessmen who have the same ideas as the lady puts across , seems its only people who dont rely on market forces for pay want to drag the membership out so they keep being paid

Absolutely right 👍👍👍you will no see this on BBC totally bias 👎👎👎 left wing anti British !!!

Hard to believe this flys under the same Sky banner... Worlds apart from anything you would EVER see said/aired on Sly News in the UK.

She’s a star ⭐️👍🏻

If you want to hear some real common sense you need to watch this! Especially our so called members of parliament!

Get this girl in charge, love it

The whole country should be made to listen to this. She is saying what any sensible person is thinking. Put all our politicians in a room with this showing to let them know that what she is saying is what we want.

It should not be hard but uk politicians are making it hard because they do not want to leave EU. In a democracy peoples vote should be supreme.

This is worth watching, I agree with Diane James MEP so simple why as it took a Aussie news presenter to say it ?????

So true, worth a listen all you politicians.

Well said that woman. She sees it we see it why the fk can't the British govenment see it?!!!

What a terrible embarrassment for this Country that a reporter on the other side of the world can see what is wrong with our Parliament and the MP's within but our own Parliament with over paid and over privileged MP' can't

Well worth watching. I for one totally agree with the sentiments behind this.

Wish we had reporters like her here. Speaks the truth, no spin, no bias

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Wed Jan 16th, 2019

Diane James MEP

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Diane James is doing her job, and doing it very well. I am not ashamed of Diane, she has a great work ethic and is determined and courageous. She is also smart as a whip... Keep us informed Diane (Y)

she's certainly pretty unlike anna sour face.

Another live feed from Brussels,,on the present Brexit situation would be good Diane

Nice picture Diane James MEP

She’s gorgeous-;)

She's useless. Head of ukip for a week

we really need someone like you to be in the H of C right now

Diane your looking good hun.

The 52% didn't vote for a deal. We voted to LEAVE. leave means leave. A deal means we don't ever really do.

New PM...??got more balls than the current one,or in fact the last one!!!

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