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Wed Nov 14th, 2018

Diane James MEP

Foreign Interference? What Irony from the EU who have kept on meddling since June 2016 (and before!) www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y5tc5iA-u0Instead of lecturing the rest of the world on its democratic credentials maybe the EU should apply its own first, a lot closer to home? Strasbourg 14th Novem... ... See MoreSee Less

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Well said! They can stick there German products from now on!

yep they can take aldi and lidl back and stuff there EUarmy up merkhels fat butt 🙂

They only want an Army to take on Russia.

Russell this woman talks sense ... you need to follow her and listen when she goes live

Without the US the EU Army would not win.

The eu is anti democracy.

Well said Dianne. Kate

The eu, a dying club with no remedy for survival.

Where is J R M and the rest of the brexiteers when needed. Sold us out.

The EU is a bad organisation,, for ordinary people!!! The only people to benefit from this Mafia type of organisation, that only benefits the super rich multinationals and wealthy billionaire's who always find ways to avoid paying the cost of their profits.........by flooding Europe wih cheap labour they are taking the opportunities away from Europe's indigenous population...... It's a club that will only serve the wealthy!!!!!

One good thing about leaving the EU..We won't have to listen to your total nonsense. The lies and exagerations about the EU have become boring.

Kier Starmer too, such a back stabber

The new German Empire intends to run the rest of the world what else!

Dianne James for PM 👍🇬🇧


Vladimir Putin is a handsome leader who has noting to do with Salisbury chemical weapons attack or attempts to interfer with referenda and elections. Vladimir Putin is beautiful, wise and strong.

All Europeans are foreigners

Spoken for us all Diane as per usual THANKS'

When you look at what their interference has done in Ukraine and Turkey they are a real danger to peace.

The eu will survive because they will do whatever is needed to keep their dodgy little club going.threats.bribes whatever it takes

They’re only trying to justify their new SS legions. I bet in the fullness of time their uniforms will even resemble the SS ones.

Unbelievable hypocrisy! Just like Hitler she (Merkel) is creating myths to support her agenda! This conjures up memories of Hitler claiming the poor poles were responsible for the attack on his radio station. Unfortunately (very) history is repeating itself!

Getting sick now of write to your MP or write to this or that.we are being hood winked and I'm sick of it.Theresa may needs to be forced out she's a moron.

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Wed Nov 14th, 2018

Diane James MEP

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Time the Queen spoke up for WE THE PEOPLE or what is the point of the Royals.

We are illegally in EU so why can’t we do something about that

It is heartbreaking for me. but I knew what was coming In reality Diane 😪.

Betrayal doesn't quite cover it. The Conservative party has just committed an act of suicide. They will never be forgiven but may well end up forgotten!

May should be arrested for treason. My flag will always be the union jack, never the European union, never.

Utter deceit and betrayal from the woman who holds the highest office in the UK! UK politics will not be the same again if Theresa May’s fake Brexit goes through Parliament! NO DEAL!

A false demand is the Irish border ! Disgusting that the dictatorship are using this when what they really want is our fishing waters !

It was the only chance to safe our country for our children’s and grandchildren’s future 😡

Why can't we just walk away from the Eu?

Look up the kalergi plan just Google it you will be shocked

So why has May stood up in House of Commons and say “we will be leaving the EU, taking back our waters, making our own rules etc? Pure blatant lies from May

Is May protecting her husbands business by keeping us locked into the dictatorship? Oh yes! Traitorous women

This is going to land up in civil war. One that we don't want but she has betrayed our country if this goes ahead. I'm reeling but this is where it's going. We are not backing down.

Excellent Diane for putting the truth out their, The Tories are all traitors and should be locked up forthwith.

May is thinking of her globalist masters not the people who have to cough up in taxes !

She needs resign , gone against people , giving our country away . The MPs back need sacking , end Conservatives there finished

Eu produces nothing, manufacturers nothing,provides nothing and just leaches of every ones success

Is sharia May the most corrupt PM ever ?

not voting for any of the 3 main partys am voting ukip this time

Now I hope people see why they should Vote UKIP we are being taken for mugs by dis respecting the referendum result

Tanis May has made a career saying one thing while doing another, she is a World leader in talking tough and doing nothing, this time she has surpassed even her high standards at this duplicity

Well the gezzer hitler came to power after a democratic vote and then done away with democracy.. Is this the line our prime minister is following...

If we have a second vote, how will it solve the Irish border problem. If it can then why don't the solve it NOW.

You make perfect sense Diane I applaud you. Unfortunately no matter what you say or do nothing will happen. I’m saddened and so very angry.

We will see this month which MP’s gave their parties interest at heart and those who are willing to stand up for country 🇬🇧

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Mon Nov 12th, 2018

Diane James MEP

Has Public opinion swung towards Remain? I don't buy it!
🤔A recent Brexit poll shows voters swinging towards Remain, however I Am a bit weary of "modern" techniques used by pollsters.
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All fake news I'm afraid

A poll of maybe 1,000 people is not to be trusted as depending where you hold the poll and who are included then the result would differ greatly.The polls do not matter now the vote has been taken and the result decided this is what is called democracy and anything less would and should not be accepted

No no no

Have you been listening to CNN?

I haven’t changed my mind voted out then and definitely would now , of all the people I know 2 remainers who now wants to leave , but not one the other way.

Not for a second! Most folk I talk to are despondent that the government are taking too much time. It just shows their intention is to stay, not leave. How on earth can we trust politicians after such a false promise? Come back Oliver Cromwell and dissolve parliament!

No im still wanting out, even more so now !¬

No. Out more so now than ever

Dont know anybody who have changed their mind

Diane you know the fake news media do their own polls. We will never believe them again. If they are saying public opinion is swinging towards remain it is because just the opposite is happening.

Nope not changed my mind,in fact it has made me even more determined to leave !


Remoaners very picky where they do their surveys usually London and the privileged

Mine hasnt and never will.

I believe they said this before the Vote. They would never of taken it if they thought they could Lose I love it when a plan comes together lol

Of course not. They think by disruption and ‘marches’ the underlying desire they missed in their polls last time can be drowned out - but it was missed last time as well...it is stronger now.

No it hasn't

Not in my family & I did ask everyone but I do think more remainers would vote leave but I do not want another referendum

Would never want to change my mind, proud to have voted out of a dictatorship 🇬🇧

Spy news reporting on article 50 can be reversed‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ what the hell is going on‼️🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇺🇸🇳🇱🇳🇿

Losers talking crap


Anyone who says that public opinion has swung toward Remain is living in a very dangerous bubble. I would submit that more people are now for Brexit than ever before. And let us remember that most people who voted Remain actually respect democracy (I except Liberal Democrats, of course).

NEVER...these polls are an example of media manipulation to enduce fear into the electorate. I voted LEAVE and will never change my opinion of the EU...let's get on with the GET OUT!

No it has not I still vote OUT

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Sun Nov 11th, 2018

Diane James MEP

Formula 1 update, folks: European Parliament vote on amended Motor Insurance Directive now scheduled for January -- seems our call for a rewrite has pricked up ears already. Wonder what else to focus on as Angela Merkel comes to this week's Strasbourg session... #timeforasharperBrexit ... See MoreSee Less

Formula 1 update, folks: European Parliament vote on amended Motor Insurance Directive now scheduled for January -- seems our call for a rewrite has pricked up ears already. Wonder what else to focus on as Angela Merkel comes to this weeks Strasbourg session... #timeforasharperBrexit


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Many thanks Diane.

Reinstate treason laws would be a good idea..

Just get us out asap

Great! keep up the good work Diane.

Don't really care about formula 1. But any time do forced into a U.Turn works for me.

Great Diane. Justcwatch that Facebook doesn’t take these comments down because they may not agree with them!

Is Angela scoping out the job opportunities ?

Juncker is nothing but a Dictator whose aim is to control 27 countries completely.

Who cares about the millionaires on Formula One I care about the working class their freedoms not bloody Formula One

Great news Diane. Be careful though, these people have a nasty way of fighting back, normally the dirty way. Good work.

Well done Diane. We all need to keep our eyes open regarding this lunatic idea.

i wouldn't trust him with a rope round his neck pulled tight

Where's the full story?

Like a huge amount of I’ll thought out directives!

Keep up the good work Diane

Bloody hell even out motor insurance is going to be dictated by the Brandy Guzzling GoBs( Gnomes of Brussels)

Has the public swung to remain. Don't you MPs get it there was a vote and that vote said leave.

Thanks Dianne yes bring back treason laws ,

Thank you for your work. 👍


Moved office again then......More cost......WHY ?

Brexit is bad for the UK and will be proved to be so !!!!

And what has this got to do with anything, apart from a kipper pretending to be relevant?

Focus on getting the UK out of the Arrogant, Bullying, Rigid and Profoundly Undemocratic EU with its Brussels APPOINTOCRACY LET'S GO - WTO (To the rhythm of a cheerleader's chant) On BrExit it is clear that the only deal the EU are or will offer is a punishment beating. Time to abandon Chequers and pretend "negotiations" and go straight to WTO Rules . Continuing the "negotiations" farce is futile. Get out of EU jail Free Pass Go and collect £9bn per year DO Not Pay £39Bn plus £18bn for extending transition. The EU seemed to be about to come to a sensible agreement on the "backstop", then it emerges that this is only on the condition that there be a "backstop to the backstop". Now they have ensured that it is impossible to reach a trade deal in the proposed 2 Year "implementation" period, and they have tabled a 3 year period. During this the UK has to stick to ALL EU directives, including new ones, without any say or veto on the new ones. This will allow the EU to pass legislation which will allow them to hollow out the UK economy and capture or cripple our industries, including financial services. While the cost of the 2 years is about £10bn p/a, since the proposed additional year is in the new budget period the likely cost to the UK is £18bn, as the EU will insist on removing any effect of the rebate, which will also disappear if they manage to force us to stay in the EU which is the long term aim of all this dragging out of the "negotiations". Furthermore there is almost zero likelihood that the EU will "negotiate" any more reasonably on a trade deal than they have on the withdrawal agreement They will assume that since we have done all the compromising on that, we will continue to simply give them everything they want. Macron has said that the EU will make no more compromises implying, quite falsely that they have actually made some. Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so, ad infinitum. This is yet another EU attempt to trap the UK. openeurope.org.uk/intelligence/britain-and-the-eu/no-deal-the-economic-consequences-and-how-they-... NOTE: I have had the traditional Remoaniac response to this article, that it indicates that there will be costs to the UK for a No Deal BrExit. Read the article. "No Deal Brexit would mean the UK economy continuing to grow but with an effect equivalent to an average annual drag of -0.17% on real GDP growth over the 13 years up to 2030. This could be reduced to an average reduction in growth of -0.04% a year if the government deploys maximum mitigation measures...the economic impact of an exit on so-called WTO terms is, over a 13 year period, small ...the effects are limited in comparison with the forecasting noise typically seen in GDP models." Anyone who thinks BrExit will be without any short term costs has not been paying attention. Anyone who thinks that there are not significant costs of staying in the EU has not been paying attention Hans-Olaf Henkel Germain MEP "Britain is already the largest single customer of the EU ahead of the USA and China" "We should offer the UK the best possible deal" "Britain is as big as 19 other countries leaving the EU at the same time" www.facebook.com/AbroadImage/videos/2220457828239386/ www.westmonster.com/just-44-of-italians-would-vote-to-remain-in-eu/?fbclid=IwAR1QwuhV_dVQtmLyfW2X... www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1032709/Brexit-news-Henkel-Donald-Tusk-UK-EU-withdrawal-new-deal-border... Of course now that the USA is implementing tariffs for car imports this is becoming more important. German and other EU business are starting to realise this. The Brussels APPOINTOCRACY however is not listening and is ploughing ahead with its Punish Britain project and the unwanted Ever Closer Union dogma.

Thank you Diane xx

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Fri Nov 9th, 2018

Diane James MEP

I was on BBC Radio Surrey talking about Brexit and the EU's wine cellar

www.google.com/url?q=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v%3DbqFEBlIScMg%26t%3D20s&source=gmail&ust=154...EU Wine cellar and BREXIT repayments - BBC Surrey
... See MoreSee Less

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Diane don’t you think that the Irish border in an Ear-a ? Problem and not up to the British government as we don’t won’t a border and doz that means no back stop deal . Yes or know 👍👍👍

Not like me to 'wine' about EU, I know... The POINT is, if there is a price our end for inescapable access market norms during Trade & Security treaty negotiations, that goes HAND-IN-HAND with our securing an equivalent share of OUR ASSETS as built up over half a century...

I agree with you Diane Theresa May and the rest of those remoaners are doing their best to keep us in one way or another and if she does she will not be a PM for long for betraying all those who voted to leave completely with no ties

Watching the unfolding of May's deal is like having an out of body experience. We Leavers feel powerless to intervene while the dream of Brexit is slowly being turned into Brino. 😡

Scheming bitch will sign us up to BRINO and immediately do a runner like CaMoron

No more talking, we have had 2 years of talking, its time for action

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Thu Nov 8th, 2018

Diane James MEP

Motorsport is a British success Story, we have to support it by rejecting this daft EU directive. Join my Battle for Brexit @Dianejamesmep.com ... See MoreSee Less


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What under May or Corbyn the EU will get what they like

I see that you are wearing UKIP's colours Diane. Could this mean something?

Yet another British industry hit by EU law

The bastards will be nick our Yorkshire pudding next...

sort the idiots out , Diane !

Sort those eejits out Diane. Oh it's not just formula 1 at risk here, what about the motor sports in all European countries from Posche racing to karting. Time that you banged some heads together because this could close down motor sports across Europe.

I’d rather see Brexit sorted then we can concentrate on other idiotic actions of Eu

We shouldn’t have to battle for anything if we had a decent prime minister!!!

Joseph Humphrey Joseph Humphrey

No need for EU law , WE HAVE BRITISH LAW . Just tell those Eu elitist pricks to FO . MGBGA .... MGBGT 🇬🇧👍

Wtf are you doing you silly women.

Thank you Diane

It's getting mad now . Eu need to GO NOW

This why we need to get out, all the stupid daft idea's that the EU comes up with, al you have to do is look at the number of regulations they have given us 20,000 while we have been in and that is not counting the laws we have take but the regulations alone have cost the UK thousands of jobs

So what’s changed !!🤷‍♂️

R u mad woman ..??? Brexit is no friend of the Automotive industry

Move all F1 venues outside the eu . There are plenty of countries out there that would love to hold a Grand Prix. After March it won’t bother us but France ,Germany , Italy Spain to name a few might be more than a bit miffed.

Why stay in the eu it’s a busted flush ask the Greeks Irish Spanish Italy Portugal all bankrupt whilst members of eu the only ones doing well are Germany loaning money to there bankrupt neighbors. Please take a moment to watch . www.facebook.com/259980387796091/posts/566152623845531/

Right then I’m not saying it was funny or that I think it’s good what happened but about this cardboard Grenfell Tower but Homes searched people arrested all for burning a cardboard box made to look like the Grenfell flats and chucked it on a bonfire. Well fuck me sideways cos it wasn’t that big a deal to the Prime minister and police etc when these vile fucks burned Poppies and flags holding banners like this. Funny how all of a sudden it’s a massive thing that needs action. Well we didn’t see massive press coverage did we too scared to act against them What a joke of a country we live in

Diane You have hit this spot on. Motor Sport is a British worldwide sucsess story.. It must not be destroyed by the eu.

Diane please remind the government that anything other than a clean break would undermine and invalidate the authority of the government over the people of Gt Britain. Their laws, courts and establishments would also lose validity in the eyes of the people. All the rules and regulations imposed by the EU should just be thrown out the window.

Another attempt by the EU to bankrupt the UK. Just one of many

The German Bundestag have now gone for banning all diesel cars ., I found out yesterday that if you live in germany and you buy an Electric car or a hybrid not only do you pay a lot but every month you must pay 79 euros a month for the use of the battery , as they have a life spam of 5 - 7 yrs and must then be replaced with the costs of around 3 to 7 thousand Euros. No doubt this will bleed through to all EU countries as everything else does. All this hype on pollution has been brought to the fore front just to push electric cars onto us. We went to buy a hybrid to do our little bit. Yet we still had to pay extra taxes on top of the vat something like 9000 extra In The Netherlands, What a scam this all is. On research of these batteries I discovered that they create more pollution in the creation of them, the use of them and of course the terrible disposing of them. When the Media ram something down your throat , when the governments ram something down your throat you know that it is a scam to just get something they want and the EU are doing their hardest to get more and more money form the every day worker that keeps the countries going . Rant over from a disgusted English Amanda x

This is a remain plot.Make a big mess of everything.Make it love hopeless, upset the whole country.Then bully us with a second vote.They will make sure the remain win just like Ireland.

Well guys it may come to us chucking them in The Thames ( joking ). We will get Briext No worries. It's all in hand. The EU is imploding along with the Cabal and their little me me me minions. The hard core Qs have now gone globe. In hand !!! Put the fizz on chill Long live the UK & USA. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧

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